Data Updates and v1.x EOL

Hello everyone,

I hope you're staying safe and healthy. If you haven't been keeping up with COMP/CON, is on version 2.0.20, and about halfway to the v2.1 release. It's got a lot of new features (including a dark mode!) as well as a whole host of bugfixes and QoL improvements. You can get it by going to Options -> "Dowload Updates and Reload". If you don't see this option in the app, try hard refreshing from your browser.

That said, we're officially deprecating C/C v1 in the coming weeks as we get the v2 desktop standalone app ready to go. If you've got pilot data or are running a prerelease campaign, please make sure you have a copy of the app. Once the v2 app is ready, the v1 app will be removed from the itch store.

Finally, the Core NPC and Long Rim COMP/CON data packages have been updated. The newest versions contain data corrections and bugfixes (including the t.getName() bug you might have seen when building NPCs)

Thanks for your continued support! As always, you can follow along with bugfixes and feature development, and contact me directly in the #comp-con channel of the official LANCER discord.

The "Download COMP/CON Now" button below links to v1, not v2 (which is currently only available at They'll be an announcement here as soon as v2 is available as a standalone app



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Thanks for everything. You are making our sessions possible through this app.