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Hello everyone,

There hasn't been an app update in a little while, but I'm currently working on a pretty substantial overhaul of COMP/CON's item system that will provide for a much better, easier to use Active Mode, as well as open up a lot of opportunities for future Massif and homebrew content.

In the meantime, though, maintaining the Windows executable has become a resource drain and a big frustration to users that haven't been using the webapp. I've removed it from the itch page, and encourage you to use the webapp, which not only will automatically update, but is fully usable offline on any browser, mobile or desktop.

We are also working on a full backend that will allow you to save and access your data between multiple devices, but in the meantime the C/C webapp relies on the browser's localstorage. If you often clear your cache or don't allow localstorage access due to security concerns, you can export and import your C/C data via the options menu (export all/import all). Again, this all works 100% offline as long as you access the app once from an internet connection. If you're using a mobile device, you can save the app as a PWA. Tablets in landscape mode should work pretty well at this point, and mobile-specific/tablet portrait UI is currently in the works.

I'm certain this will frustrate some users who prefer the executable -- and for that I am sincerely very sorry. C/C has a very small development team and we have to apply the resources we have carefully and in the service of the best possible experience for everyone. 

Thanks for your understanding and continued support!



Aug 22, 2020



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I appear to be having trouble exporting in the windows app is there anyway I can fix that so that I can take the work I've done to the web app


you can export pilots via cloud ID. If you need more pulled over please hop on the discord and ping @beeftime


First: this is by far the best tool I ever used for Rpgs. Congratulations. Now a quick question: for some reason I can't load lcp files using the webapp from my phone, but it works ok on my PC. Is that a limitation of the mobile version or is it a problem on my side? TY and keep up the great work!


Is this an iPhone? shouldn't be a problem on Android, but I know iOS for some reason has a hard time putting the file into the filepicker; takes a lot of tries and messing around dragging the file around, etc.

If it's Android, are you getting any errors?


It's Android. The Content Packs button is greyed out and does not work. Everything works ok on Windows.

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Just want to say that you and your team ROCK!
Comp/Con is hands down the BEST rpg tool I have *ever* seen and I am continually blown away by your work!
So a very very heartfelt thanks from me and my players. <3


Really disappointed about the news, as I dislike using web apps considerably, but I understand the change. Centralizing development makes sense, you’re able to update more rapidly, it’s much more device-friendly, etc. Good luck with the cross-platform save backend development, it’ll definitely make  use of a web app more palatable.

Either way, I can’t really complain, the program is fantastic work by a small group regardless. Here’s hoping you’ll give an executable another look at some point in the future, though :)