COMP/CON v2 - Windows standalone available

Hello everyone,

Thanks to ari's hard work, we now have a working standalone windows executable for COMP/CON v2. Linux and OSX are coming shortly, as we iron out a few remaining issues with the build process. 

There may be issues specific to the executable. If you see something odd, check here first to see if it's already tracked, and if not please open a bug ticket (Help > Report a Bug). Also -- at least for the time being -- the standalone versions won't be updated in tandem with the webapp (this will probably change once the build process is settled and we get everything signed), so if you want the latest updates and bugfixes, stick to the webapp.

In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy!


COMP/CON v2 for Windows 153 MB
Apr 27, 2020



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Legendary! :)