COMP/CON Version 2.0 Launch

Hello everyone,

This itch page has been very quiet for the last few months, but the COMP/CON team has been hard at work on a complete overhaul and upgrade of the app. I'm proud to announce that as of now, COMP/CON has officially moved to version 2.0!

You can check it out at Electron apps will be coming to this page very soon.


A few important notes: 

  • This is a breaking change, meaning your v1.x Pilots will not work. Sorry about that, but making a converter would have delayed this release even longer. The v1.6 Electron apps will remain on this page , and you can find an in-app old pilot exporter under the options menu, if you want to preserve your old pilot data for use in 1.6.
  • NPC data requires the purchase of the LANCER Core Book, available as an additional download on its COMP/CON will always be free, but it will also reflect the free/paid breakdown of the official materials. If you've purchased LANCER through itch or the kickstarter, you shouldn't have any issues getting this new data. Import it into your app via the Content Manager.
  • This new version is largely untested on mobile devices, although it seems to work pretty well in landscape on modern tablets. Over the next few weeks and months we'll be working on getting proper phone and tablet support in.
  • COMP/CON now has a Patreon.I'll restate that COMP/CON will always be free and open-source, and patronage won't get you any additional features, and development doesn't depend on Patreon funding. The funds will be used for commissioning artists, writers, and designers to further expand and beautify the software. Patron rewards include artist suggestions and voting, as well as ways to get your ideas for existing and upcoming features into the app.
  • The Long Rim mechs have been temporarily removed. They'll be available as content packs soon, downloadable on their pages. We have a few preview versions available in the #comp-con channel of the LANCER Discord, if you don't want to wait.

As always, please stop by the Official LANCER Discord with questions, comments, or ideas. The new development roadmap is available now as well, in our GitHub Repo. The [2.1] tag items are the things we're going to start work on immediately.

Also, thanks for your patience! You'll begin to see a far quicker and more regular update schedule from here on out.



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What is the best way to make sure your info is saved on the web app, while waiting for cloud storage to come?

Just export your file before you exit to site and import it when you go back to it? Also will importing be possible using the web app offline?

Loving it so far!

The web app will save all your data to localstorage as you make changes, and that'll be preserved as long as you don't clear the site data. Also, the site will work offline -- it's a PWA so it can be saved to your desktop/home screen

Otherwise, yeah, importing/exporting is probably the way to go. You can import/export all data at once via the tools in the options menu.

Uh, Everytime I close the site it goes back to a fresh start even my npc file data. So right now I just have to export/import every time.

COMP/CON uses localstorage in the browser, so if you're doing something that impairs that (incognito mode, for instance) c/c won't be able to save

So, is there an update or delay on the app version of compcon for 2.0 or is this exclusively a website now?


Like I said above,  Electron apps will be coming to this page very soon. On iOS/Catalina specifically there are new roadblocks to producing and releasing a working Electron app so it's going to take more time.

In the meantime, though, the web app will work offline, and also the app can be saved to desktop/homescreen as a PWA


alrighty! Thank you very much!

I purchased the Core book via
How can I perform the Import? The fiel of course is .PDF, but the file requested on the content upload asks for .LCP


On the Core Book download page there is a .LCP file you can download containing the data

Thanks, I downloaded it now! 

Sadly, I cant download the COMP/CON 2.0... it still shows 1.5.6c after the hard refresh :(

I also tried to use the .lcp on the web based app, but it will not allow it so there is no way to create NPC´s that I can see 


v2 is only out for the web app, and you can get the npc data on the core book download page. Check out the dev log above

I cant seem to get the hard to reset to work , still says 1.5


try following these steps for your browser:

1.5 is no longer being served by our netlify host so there's nothing we can do on our end

Awesome. Looking forward to the downloadable version. :)