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Lancer imagines a future where a survivor humanity has spread to the stars after weathering terrible ecological collapse on Earth - the end of the Anthropocene as a consequence of unrestrained consumption and poor stewardship. Five thousand years later, humanity lives in the wake of a desperate revolution, one where the victorious radicals now manage the galaxy they've won.  

The setting features a mix of gritty, mud-and-lasers military science fiction and mythic science fantasy, where  conscript pilots mix ranks with flying aces, mercenary guns-for-hire brawl with secretive corpro-state agents, and relativistic paladins cross thermal lances with causality-breaking, unknowable beings. Lancer's galaxy is one where utopia exists, but is under threat, and the struggle is not yet entirely won; the revolution is not yet done. 

In Lancer, players adopt the roles of mechanized chassis pilots - mech pilots - comrades together in a galaxy of danger and hope. Some groups will fight to rectify the crimes of previous administrations; others will fight for their nation,  pieces in a greater game of hegemony. Others will carry the banner of a corpro-state or mercenary company, working to advance private interests while lining their pockets. Others still will fight for groups acting in opposition to those in power - for the underground, for the forgotten, agents of entropy and agents of yet more radical revolutions. 

Lancer offers deep, modular mech customization, a wide range of player backgrounds and hooks to prompt storytelling, and a system and setting with room for any narrative you and your group want to tell. It’s best with a group of 3-5 players, and can be used to run a one-shot session or persistent campaign. 


Included with the PDF of the Lancer Core Book are the following:

  • Full, original art from some of the best illustrators working in indie comics, concept design, product design, and character design today. 
  • Full, deep setting information, GM toolkit, and back-end information to help you plan out your own Lancer narrative. 
  • Essentially limitless amounts of possible gear combinations to outfit your pilot's chassis. 

To open up new avenues for play, be sure to join our fan-run Discord server, and to download a free copy of Comp/Con, Lancer's companion character-builder and compendium app. 


Lancer is a project by Massif Press, an indie publisher run by Tom Parkinson Morgan, author of Kill Six Billion Demons, and Miguel Lopez.  Massif is based out of Atlanta, GA, and Portland, OR.  For the latest Lancer news, be sure to follow Massif Press on Twitter


Sample art and layout credits (in order, top to bottom)

  1. Tom Parkinson Morgan and Jay Iles
  2. Olympia Sweetman and Jay Iles
  3. Payton Gee
  4. Conner Fawcett


Nowhere to go but up, pilots. 


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $25 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Lancer - Core Book.pdf 76 MB
LANCER NPC data for COMP/CON (v1.0.4) 53 kB


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Hey not sure where is the best place to ask this but I purchased two physical copies of the book one for me and one for my GM. Now that we're using Compcon more I'm wondering how I make sure that his compcon has all the unlocked stuff that mines does. Is that allowed do we need to purchase another license?

Is there any way to get a printed version?


Just got an email that there was an update to the core book yesterday. Do they keep change notes between PDF versions somewhere? I've searched twitter, reddit and itch.io without finding anything.

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There's no official changelog, but there's a community-maintained one here (it's pinned in the Discord): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j3eWRrvBhkN3y01ycox8xnAOxR9EZX0BLkGtaotvIhs/...

You can see the changes made in the 1/8 version. According to others, the latest update today (2/2) just corrects typos, fixes font issues, etc. - no real rules changes. This is the version being sent to the printers for those that backed the Kickstarter at the hard-copy level ($60 and above).

Is the PDF print-ready? Because I like to have a hard copy on hand for in-person games, and I kind of want to know if I'll have to mess with it to get it printed and bound properly. 

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Ostensibly, it is now. There's a community-maintained changelog here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j3eWRrvBhkN3y01ycox8xnAOxR9EZX0BLkGtaotvIhs/...

You can see the changes made in previous updates. According to others, the update today (2/2) just corrects typos, fixes font issues, etc. - no real rules changes. This is the version being sent to the printers for those that backed the Kickstarter at the hard-copy level ($60 and above).


Another question, I was looking at the COMP/CON program and noticed there are some frames not listed under their manufacturers in the book (Lich, Kobold, Zheng, Atlas) are these in supplements or am I just overlooking them somewhere?


Just go to the itch.io page of massif press and they're there as pdfs

What the other person said. Each of those (collectively the "Long Rim Mechs") also just got updated on itch.io, though, and Comp/Con hasn't yet been updated to account for those changes.

Okay so I have only gotten free stuff on itch before: how does 'ownership' work for something like this? I know that might seem odd to ask but I want to buy this for my boyfriend for XMAS so he can have access to the GM info and if I buy it on my itch account, will it be locked to me? Do I get a code that I can just give to him so he can access it instead? Want to be sure I dont violate any sort of DRM; hope Im articulating my concern properly. 


If you select "buy" there's an option to buy it as a gift, so you'd be able to enter his email.

To expand on what KevinBates said, gift purchases on itch.io are explained here: https://itch.io/updates/you-can-now-purchase-games-as-gifts-on-itchio

And this page explains what you'll see when you buy it, what he'll see when he gets the purchase email, and what the benefit of creating an account is (it's not required because purchases are associated with email addresses, but doing so lets you organize all your purchases in one spot): https://itch.io/docs/creators/how-buying-works

So is there a difference between the 1e and backer books? I saw that thee 1e has a way bigger file size, but the table of contents looks to have the same numbers and everything


Assume you mean the books with full art and all the pages, the one with the larger file size is uncompressed and has a lot more fixes. Basically if you want the most up to date version, use the one you've downloaded of here

Ok, cool, that's what I figured, thanks!

Hi, love the book so far. A few questions though. What is bonus damage supposed to be? I'm not clear on what it is exactly. Is bonus damage a number after 1d6+? Or is it a completely different dice value after a slash? I would also like to know if(and when) the pdf gets updated so I can get the latest version if possible.


Bonus damage is simply anything called as such. For example, Overpower Caliber from GMS allows you to deal bonus damage. If something is not labeled as bonus damage, then it is not bonus damage.

If you have any other questions or just want to hang out, feel free to check out the community Discord server if you haven't already! https://discordapp.com/invite/lancer


hey how do i get in contact? I didn't realise the book was priced in USD which is my fault but if a refund is possible it would really help.


Hi Xander, you should be able to contact itch.io support directly

I was a backer , choosing the the core rulebook PDF as reward.

How can I get a digital copy, please?

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I wasn't a backer, but I believe you should have gotten an email with a link to the download page.

EDIT: I think there might be some delays in processing on BackerKit's end, so you may need to be patient.


To those asking about a physical release: they did have preorders for both this premium digital PDF and the hardcover book available via backerkit earlier, so I assume/hope the hardcover book will also be purchasable in some fashion in the future.


Any way we can pre-order the hard copy as well?


Is a printed version going to be available?


Is a printed version going to be available?


Is a printed version going to be available?