Bond Fund Donation

Hello everyone,

I'm going to be making a donation to the Chicago Community Bond Fund in solidarity with the protestors standing up against the violence that is inflicted daily on their communities. I'd like to invite you to join me.

If you send me a receipt of a donation of $10 or more to the Chicago Community Bond Fund, the Minnesota Freedom Fund, or, a bond fund in your city,  I'll send you the perks for the NHP-level COMP/CON Patreon supporter, which include:

  • Submit your own Pilot names/callsigns, Mech names, and mission names
  • Submit your own Achivement (not yet implemented)
  • Homebrew Creator UI early access
  • A special supporter badge in the About menu of the app.

If you're already a patron (but donate anyway) I'll figure out something extra to do for you.

Furthermore, I will match all donations up to USD $500.

Thank you, sincerely.


* The best way to send me receipts would be via Twitter DM (@jarena2), Discord PM (beeftime#0558). As a last resort you can use compcon at gmail. In any case, please send a picture of the receipt (tweet or imgur link works just fine) and a service/username you can be contacted at in the following weeks when I get everything organized. Thanks!



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I donated a while back, but haven't gotten any reply to my two emails over the matter.  This handle @ gmail


Donated to an omnibus fund in 37 cities.


Thank you! Would it be possible to contact me at one of the services I mentioned in the footnote? That way I can be sure to get you the perk info when I've got it sorted out