Major Stable Update!

Greetings, Pilots!

I’m happy to announce that the Stable branch is being updated to v1.5.5. If you haven’t been following beta development you’ll be seeing a ton of new stuff, including:

  • A new Active Play mode that manages combat turns, as well as handles math and stat tracking, statuses and conditions, and downtime actions.
  • The GM Toolkit with an NPC Builder, Encounter Builder, and Encounter Runner
  • Mech stat contributor tooltips
  • A new, more intuitive, nav bar
  • Destroyable equipment 
  • Per-item notes and trackable “Limited” tag pip bars
  • Downtime reserves on the Pilot Sheet
  • Custom Pilot Skill Triggers
  • Tons of quality of life upgrades
  • Tons of data corrections
  • Tons of bug fixes



compcon 1.5.5.AppImage 120 MB
Version 1.5.5c Aug 27, 2019
compcon-osx 97 MB
Version 1.5.5c Aug 27, 2019
compcon-win 139 MB
Version 1.5.5c Aug 27, 2019


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