Prerelease v2 Update

Hello everyone!

Sorry about the delay – there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, but still, the wait can be frustrating. We’ve just finished up the final part of a massive refactor of the COMP/CON codebase, which should make things more stable and much easier to improve on. There won’t be too much different about this version for you, the end user, but:

  • COMP/CON data has been updated to the LANCER Core book pre-release v2
  • It is now possible to save pilots to the cloud (check the export and import options on the pilot roster)
  • Likewise, you can toggle custom pilot and mech images to be stored in the cloud

There have been a few various bugfixes, tweaks, and quality-of-life improvements as well. Two things I need to note here:
This update changes the saved pilot data format. COMP/CON will attempt to convert your old pilots into the new format. If it can’t, it’ll save a copy of your old pilots into a pilots.old file in your %APPDATA% folder. If this happens, ping me (@beeftime) on the LANCER Discord and I’ll take a look.
Additionally, pilot Contacts have been (temporarily) removed from the pilot sheet. They’ll be reincorporated as part of a larger “Downtime Resources” module coming soon. If you’re currently using the contacts section for a LANCER game, save a copy of that information.
Also, forgive the lack of styling here and elsewhere – COMP/CON will be undergoing a styling pass before the official LANCER release to bring it more in-line with the design of the finished book. Once that’s done, work can begin in earnest on Android and iOS COMP/CON apps

Finally, a few thanks:
CommanderTso AKA build process real good right now AKA mr to damn devops has officially joined the COMP/CON dev team, and continues to make my life a lot easier.
Oscine, witchy, twillacy, ak318, Carnival, johnbehr, Gibbay, Alaska, Radio Protector, Zieche, BrokenFocus for being my volunteer testing/bodyslam crew, as well as everyone who hangs around the #comp-con channel.


  • Data updated for LANCER Core Book prerelease v2
  • Finished Typescript refactor
  • Implemented a Main Menu page
    • The version information on this page is loaded remotely, and will generate an alert if your version is beind both stable and beta
    • This page will now contain changelog information from here (1.3.1) on out
  • Pilots (and their associated mechs) can be saved to/loaded from the cloud
    • Save: Pilot > Export on the Pilot Roster page. This selection will also allow you to update a cloud-saved Pilot. Refreshing cloud Pilots on the importer’s end is coming soon.
    • Import: Pilot > Import on the “Add New Pilot” card menu
  • Pilot and Mech images can also be stored in the cloud
    • Flip the “Cloud” toggle on the image selector. A new less-clunky UI for this feature is in the works.
  • COMP/CON will check local default images and update them if out-of-date (for users who were seeing the no-data image for some of the Long Rim mechs)
  • The New Mech wizard is now full-screen and includes mech art (tweaks to the slice of frame shown are incoming)
  • TOKUGAWA’s External Batteries now correctly add range to equipped Energy weapons
  • Fuel Rod Gun now correctly takes the Neuro-Linked Targeting bonus
  • SCYLLA (et. al.) should now display the correct heat penalties when printed
  • BARBAROSSA’s Siege Cannon data now correctly displays on weapon information cards
  • ATLAS frame sheets now correctly show 3 Max Structure/3 Max Reactor Stress


  • Weapon datatables only sort by the first damage or range element on weapons with multiple damage or range types
  • Total equipped SP value is not automatically updating in the view when equipping a weapon mod to a mech weapon. This is only a visual issue, SP limitation calculations are still correct.
  • The Integrated Weapon Core Bonus slot is not correctly saving its loaded weapon
  • There are still issues deleting loadouts. Leaving and reopening the current screen fixes this.
  • the applied Improved Armament Core Bonus may not save correctly in some cases


Version 1.3.1 Jun 03, 2019
Version 1.3.1 Jun 03, 2019
COMP/CON v2.1 for Windows 205 MB
Version 1.3.1 Jun 03, 2019


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