Hello Pilots!

As promised, back-to-back stable and beta updates. Here's what's new:

  • The Long Rim Mechs have been moved out of the content package and into core data. There's another lurking out there, if you're willing to unlock its secrets
  • The first batch of Samuel Wilson's COMP/CON Glyphs
  • Huge Compendium upgrades, including:
    • New landing page and search features
    • CORE Bonuses
    • Pilot backgrounds, talents, and skill triggers
    • A Combat Reference page (action economy, stress/structure tables, and terminology)
    • New ToC-style UI for some pages
  • CORE Power tracker for active mechs (thanks, ak318!)

From here, beta will start to pull ahead again. If you want to see what's coming up, take a look at ari's incredible work on the NPC/Encounter Designer


compcon-osx-beta 97 MB
Version 1.3.0 May 07, 2019
compcon-osx 97 MB
Version 1.3.0 May 07, 2019
compcon-win-beta 139 MB
Version 1.3.0 May 07, 2019
compcon-win 139 MB
Version 1.3.0 May 07, 2019


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