More fixes & Compendium Browser

A big update today:

  • Corrects the Signature Heavy Pilot Weapon tags (now only "loading")
  • Fixes a bug in which pilots exported at LL0 would fail on import
  • Fixes a bug in which a pilot imported from the clipboard would not correctly mark configurations as their own
  • Fixes a filtering error preventing some mech systems from showing up
  • NEW FEATURE: the GYGES Core Bonus Threat increase now shows up on equipped weapons
  • NEW FEATURE: Compendium
    • Browse Licenses, Manufacturers, Frames, Weapons, Systems, and Pilot Gear
    • This will probably expose some bad or missing LANCER data, so stay tuned for updates and corrections


compcon-osx-beta 96 MB
Version 10 94 days ago 59 MB
Version 2 94 days ago
compcon-win-beta 138 MB
Version 10 94 days ago


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