Data fixes and Windows portable build

Hello everyone!

This evening we've got a fresh batch of ari's data fixes:

  • SSC Death's Head Core Siphon was incorrectly assigned to SSC Dusk Wing
  • HORUS Pegasus's SISYPHUS NHP was incorrectly assigned to HA Genghis


  • Flak Launcher was typo'd as a "Systen"


  • Phasing Mod: LL was 1, is 2


  • Paracausal Mod: LL was 2, is 3

And also there have been changes made to the Windows COMP/CON downloadables (osx remains unchanged). Now the win-portable/compcon_portable.exe branch is a standalone app, which should work around issues reported with the installer not creating shortcuts, and should be much nicer to access from the launcher. The win-beta-installer branch is the full windows installer, if you prefer that. Both branches will receive the same updates going forward.

The next big piece to add is the Compendium, which should be finished sometime within the next few days.

Files 59 MB
Version 7 90 days ago
compcon-osx-beta 96 MB
Version 9 95 days ago
compcon-win-beta 138 MB
Version 9 95 days ago


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