Bugfix Update

A fresh batch of fixes, courtesy ari and the LANCER Discord:

  • Fixes an empty Improved Armament mount showing up in the print view when the pilot didn't take Improved Armament (thanks Johny!)
  • Fixes the newly-selected License not counting towards the Core Bonus selection when leveling up a character to 3/6/9/12 (thanks again!)
  • Compendium fixes from the indefatigable ari:


  • Thermal Charge: Was Limited (2), is Limited (3)
  • Power knuckles: Minor effect wording change in the rulebook
  • RAMJET: Was LL2, is LL3


  • Breaching Charge(s)


  • Snare Trap: Was 3SP, is 1SP
  • Impact Lance: Removed AP and heat (self) tags

Black Witch:

  • Ferrous Lash was missing
  • Mag Deployer: Added deployable tag and type

Death's Head:

  • Core Siphon: Was LL1, is LL2
  • Railgun: Added 2 heat (self) tag

Dusk Wing:

  • Neurospike: Was LL2, is LL1
  • Burst Launcher: Range was 10, is 15
  • Flicker Field: Was LL3, is LL2
  • StunCrown: Was Full Action, is Quick Action


  • Shock Wreath: Was LL1, is LL3


  • Pinaka Missiles: Range was 30 blast 2, is 20 blast 1

Mourning Cloak:

  • Fold Knife: Was LL2, is LL1


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