Custom Pilot/Mech Images

Hello again,

Now that (it seems like) the really critical bugs have been dealt with, I can continue on the path to a 1.0 release. Today's update:

  • Fixes an issue where negative mech stats could be rendered like +-X instead of just -X
  • Removes the default pilot portraits and avatars
    • These (or a form of them) will come back as an additional downloadable package
  • NEW FEATURE: Custom Pilot Images
    • Save and use your own pilot portraits and avatars
    • Any web-supported format is also supported by COMP/CON
  • NEW FEATURE: Custom Frame Images
    • Save and use your own mech images
    • Frames default to official art (or an empty image, if there isn't any yet). You always have the option of switching back to the default.


compcon-win-beta 138 MB
Version 5 98 days ago
compcon-osx-beta 96 MB
Version 4 99 days ago


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