Day-1 Bug Fixes

First of, thank you to everyone that downloaded this! I sincerely hope it's useful. Extra thanks to everyone who went the extra mile and did some testing -- tonight's build fixes are 100% due to you all.


  • Improves the look of the pilot image and avatar selector
  • Fixes cloned pilots linking to the original pilot's configurations 
  • Fixes malformed JSON on config delete (thanks, cap!)
  • Fixes an issue where superheavy weapon mount did not correctly apply and/or update bracing to another mount
  • Fixes a bug where a pilot with sufficient license ranks could not select a non-GMS core bonus (thanks, ari!)
  • Fixes incorrect missing license warnings in the configuration view (thanks again, ari)
  • Fixes incorrect filtering of NHP systems in the system selection window (thank you, ari)
  • Fixes a bug caused by skipping multiple level-up steps (ari, thanks)
  • Data correction: ORACLE LMG-I moved to SWALLOWTAIL II from SWALLOWTAIL I (ari cmon)
  • Fixes incorrect calculation of limited system bonus (ari please)
  • NEW FEATURE: Level Set tool (...ari...)
    • New icon under the Level Up arrow, opens a dialog that allows you to set your pilot's level between your current level and the maximum level (12)
    • Skips the Level Up wizard, so all licenses, talents, etc. will have to be set manually. Useful for build experimentation!
  • HOTFIX: Level set tool actually works correctly (thanks scrumbo!)


compcon-osx-beta 96 MB
Version 4 99 days ago
compcon-win-beta 138 MB
Version 4 99 days ago


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