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A digital toolset for the LANCER TTRPG · By Massif Press, beeftime


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Major Stable Update!
Greetings, Pilots! I’m happy to announce that the Stable branch is being updated to v 1.5.5 . If you haven’t been following beta development you’ll be see...
3 files — 1.5.5c
NPC Toolkit
Hello, Pilots! I'm happy to announce we've merged in the NPC Toolkit into the beta branch, consisting of the NPC Builder, Encounter Builder, and Encounter runne...
3 files — 1.5.0
New "Turn Manager" in Active Mode
Hello, Pilots Beta has an extremely experimental new feature in active mode: the turn manager. Expand the right panel to track turns and actions, track combat...
3 files — 1.4.3b
Stable at PR2.0
Hello, Pilots, If you're updating from s table , this will be a pretty massive update: you've been moved to a very clean, relatively bug-free version of the LAN...
6 files — 1.3.8, 1.4.0
Prerelease v2 Update
Hello everyone! Sorry about the delay – there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, but still, the wait can be frustrating. We’ve just finished up the final...
3 files — 1.3.1
An upd statement regarding stable and beta branches The HORUS LICH has always been in COMP/CON It will never not haven't had been there Additional minor data...
3 files — 1.3.0
1.3 Data Fixes
Hey all, Made some minor data fixes -- the Sunzi's licenses, profiled weapons (Siege Cannon and Leviathan), and a few spelling tweaks. Out on both dev and st...
Hello Pilots! As promised, back-to-back stable and beta updates. Here's what's new: The Long Rim Mechs have been moved out of the content package and into co...
4 files — 1.3.0