ICON playtest 1.2 released

Hey all!

This playtest has had an absolutely insane response. I've put a little time in to polish up the game, so here's a 1.2 version with some tweaks and changes, as well as four new jobs that I was close to finishing, some new enemy factions, and a few new relics.




ICON 1.2.pdf 14 MB
Aug 07, 2021
ICONmaterials1.2.zip 15 MB
Aug 07, 2021

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I'l gladly follow anything that gets put out to see about ICON, but I can't avoid wondering if there is a place where we can leave some more relevant feedback than a comment section.

In any case, it really looks like a great project, hope I can support it ASAP

Just incase you haven't found it by now there's a channel on the pilot net discord server [https://discord.gg/Z8M4NWbWpE] for any feedback.

The new classes are all really cool, but I can't help but notice that Head Lopper's abilities are missing flavor text.


I appreciate the time that went in to produce a detailed changelog, thank you!