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:EDIT:  Loving the setting for this. The art is amazing as expected from Abbadon. I had issues receiving this product. However, after emailing Massif directly, They were quick to help. (Don't bother with itchi support, its a lost cause).

As with the entirety of LANCER's other player-side content, the Lich (and the other frames in this book) is free. What you're paying for by purchasing this product is the setting itself plus some good literature alongside a handful supplemental rules to help with GMing. You'll need to use Comp/Con (also free, though GMing content is included with the paid CRB) combined with the .lcp file in the demo section to access it without the book.

I am aware that the material is available through COMP/CON. It still doesn't justify that I paid 10 bucks to not receive the pdf with the supplemental material for the setting. I have tried contacting itchi support and press from almost a 2 weeks now with no response. I have the proof that I bought the pdf( I won't share receipt number here for obvious reasons). I am just at ends of how to resolve this.


Ahh, I misunderstood you initially in that case. Best wishes with solving this one.

Asking just incase: have you tried contacting Massif directly yet? The usual advice that gets thrown around Pilot NET seems to be "email Massif/Tom" whenever someone is missing a PDF they should have, so you might have better chances with that route.


I never got the link for this as a backer. I see the No Room for a Wallflower link and the corebook link in my emails, but not a link for this.


Same happened for me.

I got this and NRFaW, but no core book

How many pages is this? I want to buy but I prefer a physical book and want to print it XD


Not sure if you've gotten an answer some where else yet, but just in case you haven't, Long Rim is only 68 pages including the cover page.

there isn't an lcp file for this how do I get it on Comp/Con


Hi, maybe you already saw this but the LCP file is in this here "public" page, not in the downloads once you buy the supplement.

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Specifically, the .lcp download link is here under "Download demo".

any idea how to get this data into Comp/con? I am having trouble figuring it out


Content Manager > Install Content > Click on "Select an LCP File"

I just bought this and I noticed a typon in the second paragraph of page 2 where "material" is misspelled as "materiel."


Materiel is a separate word meaning military hardware.


Huh. Learn something new every day.


It was an interesting setting and location, but it missed a few things that I would like to see. Such as-

  • Some of the slang of the Long Rim, which a GM can throw in when players have just arrived. Think "The Expanse" belter slang for this.
  • Myths and stories and "tall tales"-Little bits of color that can add flavor and serve as adventure hooks.
  • The Pirate and Enterprise rules need to be revised. It's entirely possible that the difference between Pirates and an Enterprise could just be a matter of timing...
  • Maybe break up the "Station Seed table" into what the station is and what the station does.

Not bad, but needs a bit of work.


Slang and lore would definitely be good choices to expand upon.  I think the Enterprise/Pirate rules are fine as-is, if slightly too narrow table-wise for me.


Damn, now i need a Long Rim Hardback to fit with the other one coming in. Keep taking my money i dont care!


We for serious giving the Atlas a Heavy Mount? I'm not saying it's a bad plan, but I am saying I already have players stuffing Superheavy guns onto the Caliban and I can already see the Combat Drill or D/D 288 on the Atlas...


That was an error, and it's been corrected -- download the PDF again and you should see that the Atlas now has the correct mounts.


Whew. Thank goodness. <3 y'all, I was real scared of dealing with that as a GM.

Struggling to get the download to happen. Have checked my popup blocker on a couple of different browsers and no joy. Any suggestions?


I'm having a problem downloading the COMP/CON update, even though I turned off all my blockers and allow pop-ups on itch. Not sure what I should do.

Are you still experiencing this issue? Does it happen on any other page?


iirc, I think did have the issue somewhere else (can't recall where though). However, I just tried downloading the COMP/CON data again and it worked!

so ive been trying to use the caliban in and more specifically the supermassive mod for my mecks weapon but it wont work how do i use i


I was able to apply it to one of my mech's weapons in Comp/Con by unlocking the license, going to my mech loadout, and clicking the label that said "NO MOD INSTALLED" on my weapon. However, I had to remove another system from "Systems" for it to show up - if you have no SP free, it will hide the mod unless you hit the "show systems exceeding SP" toggle (the one with the lightning bolt).

Hope that helps!

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