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Gonna use this for a campaign after much debate, anywhere with good GMing tips for it?

New update adds even more of the content I already loved about ICON. Can't wait to try playing it with my friends.


Was there any plan for character sheets

there were some attached to the original playtest release, but they seem to be completely missing now

Hi, is anybody here know the discord server for playing this game? If so, can you guys show me the link? I want to try and play this game, but I don't know the right server for it.

The PilotNet Discord (for Massif's previous game Lancer) has a dedicated category for ICON. Though I do not see a lot of recruiting posts there, it is a start.

Thanks, I will go check it out. 


POG update


Really looking forward to the full release of this. I've been GMing a Lancer game for over a year now and my players are already excited about playing in a Icon game.


I've been playing Icon for like 2 months and... I have to say that its amazing, its very similar to Lancer, but with obviously less things, but its easier to learn and its narratively exciting to play with all the "HUGE THINGS" that you can do ajjaj
You can even "mod" the setting with your own imagination very easily, you're gonna LOVE ICON. <3

Loved reading through the playtest. Now just have to find a group to try it out with.

did you found a group? i just found this and id wanna try it


Are you sold on the name ICON? Considering there's an established game named ICONS that has been around for years, it may cause confusion.

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Same oppinion. ICON is a great name, but causes confusion with ICONS (the supers rpg). When someone talked in reddit about ICON I had troubles to understand he was talking about this game and it took me some time to find this page.

Also...i'm reading the rules of the playtest and having a blast. Waiting for the KS.


We're trying this out this weekend - we'll be sure to take playtesting notes!


If you release a deck for the Seer to play with I will physically find you and give you my money 


Even just as a playtest this feels like such a solid and cool system, I am floored by the amazing art and the open-ended setting. A perfect jumping off point for a unique spin on fantasy ttrpgs. Cannot wait for the Kickstarter if and when that happens!


this isn't the oni i want

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monkey's paw, man

also chubby oni slaps, what're you smoking lmao


it can be however you wanna describe i


But it is the Oni we need.


Love it! Running this next Thursday


Looks intriguing. I hope, once the Kickstarter begins, there's an option to add a hardback copy of Lancer to the order (for those of us that missed out first time round, and to benefit from shipping both books together).


has it!


Yes, yes. The option to add it to an ICON Kickstarter  would still be neat because paying $55 for shipping to Europe is more fun when you do it only once for two cool books. :3


I've just seen this reply and wanted to reply to it before I realised I would reply to myself.


This looks super-cool.


I really enjoy the idea of narrative combat and tactical combat being separate things. Super dope. Just dope in general.


Dope as hell.


Please include paper miniatures in the Kickstarter when it happens with the exceptional art!


Where can I give you feedback? The Vigor entry on page 71 is incomplete! “Vigor X - Gain a shield that goes”


There's a feedback channel on, the unofficial Lancer discord.


Thanks! I’ll head over there^^


Shut up and take my money!


wait holy shit did someone finally have the big brain idea to simply do the storytelling that has more thought than slapping a skill list on the PHB and calling it a day AND the crunchy combat. you have saved so many lives from DnD Hell today


Okay, not finished reading yet, but already I love the massive improvement (comparing to LANCER's corebook) that is having explicit, demonstrative play examples in here and thus a way to better understand how a game, running proper, -should- flow/feel.


I wonder if we could get the Lancer pdf updated with such things?



Take my money!!!


Is there anywhere in particular to send you notes, because I got notesA lot of notes.


There's a feedback channel set up on the Pilot.Net discord server


The second page of the book provides an email address that you can send feedback to.

"Icon love, I know how to find you
Oh, icon love, I know how to wait..."
--On An On


So when is the kickstarter that I will back?lol

Lets gooooo!

Hell yeah!


I would buy damned near anything you put out based on art direction alone. Love the Moebius influence.

Ooo, This should be good. 


Oh shit! This is exciting! 

So fuckin pumped for this



Looks amazing! can't wait to run it!


If you or anyone else is running this online, contact me on discord at Mellodux#8553


I just LOVE the designs that you put out. Always amazing


Already Icon-ic

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