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“It’s a shame, and again I must apologize, but the Embrace is in no condition to fly. Eight hours ago, our onboard astrographic and navigational NHP, Emily, was abducted. Her casket was disengaged from the ship’s systems and removed from its architecture. Without Emily, the Embrace won’t go anywhere, and even if it could, I won’t leave a member of my crew on this rock after they’ve been abducted.”


The IPS-N mining world of Havelburg was struck by a disaster 10 years ago, an orbital mining catastrophe of epic proportions that left the planet drowning in never-ending dust storms. Those that survived the calamity retreated into underground habitats while the surface was slowly swallowed by dust, turning entire cities into the hollowed out shells known as Dustgraves. Havelburg was meant to be nothing more than a quick stop, a place to wait for the Dynast’s Embrace to take you to your next destination.

With Emily, the Embrace’s navigational NHP, abducted however the ship is not going anywhere. Pursuing her will fling you into a series of events that will not only test your ability to pilot a mech but also your investigative skills. Gangs occupying the dust choked surface, mysterious black-ops teams and much more sinister foes are lurking in the abandoned surface levels of Port Conroy, Havelburg’s planetary capital.
Can you uncover the forces behind Emily’s abduction as you are drawn deeper into the Dustgrave?


Dustgrave is a structured mission module for Lancer, written and designed by Ralf Ziegler, and designed for more experienced groups who want to challenge themselves with an adventure in a unique setting.

This module will take characters from License Level 2 to LL4 across two missions. In addition to nine combat scenes spread across two missions, some of them branching paths, this module also contains new player options suitable for any Lancer campaign:

  • The IPS-N Störtebeker – Alt frame for the IPS-N Raleigh license. The Störtebeker is a fast combined arms frame that dynamically reloads its weapons whenever it scores a critical hit.
  • The SSC Viceroy – Alt frame for the SSC Monarch license. The Viceroy represents a smaller and more close-range oriented version of the Monarch, it comes with the powerful ability to treat all of its Launcher type weapons as CQB weapons to deliver devastating close-range firepower.
  • New GMS Gear – A cluster of GMS gear focusing on Superheavies, including a core bonus and two new weapons for the GMS catalogue, the Tempest Charged Blade and Hurricane Cluster Projector.
  • Three New Talents: Field Analyst, Prospector, and Iconoclast.
  • New Exotic gear tailored to Havelburg's unique environment
  • Three new NPC Templates to further customize your NPC foes – The dreadful Horror, the humble Industrial and the ruthless Spec-Op.

Each combat encounter in Dustgrave is also accompanied by its own fully illustrated tactical map, with artwork by SIEGEFAULT, made for use with hex grids. Additional artwork provided by Cosmixian, Cygthera, Norgad and Tom Finnbar Carroll.

In addition, the .lcp files included contain all the player facing content for COMP/CON, our free character builder tool, and will remain free to download (see the 'demo' file below).


There’s a whole galaxy out there beyond the peace and safety of the Core worlds, waiting for someone like you to come along and make a difference.

Time to get to work, pilot.

[Image credit: Tom Bloom, Tom Finnbar Carroll, Cosmixian]

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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COMP/CON Data for Dustgrave 20 kB
Version 1.4.0


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For those running Dustgrave on Foundry v10: Fringecrow posted the below hexagon-grid map configuration settings on PilotNET. All the maps are the same size, so this configuration can be reused for all of Dustgrave’s maps.

  • Grid Type: Hexagonal Rows - Odd
  • Grid Size: 100
  • Image Dimensions: Width 3500, Height 1850
  • Padding Percentage: 0.25
  • Offset Background: Horizontal 46, Vertical -5

Alternatively, if you’re still on Foundry v9, use the following configuration instead:

  • Grid Type: Hexagonal Rows - Odd
  • Grid Size: 100
  • Image Dimensions: Width 3018, Height 1638
  • Padding Percentage: 0.25
  • Offset Background: Horizontal -33, Vertical 62

I can't seem to be able to open the demo, no matter what i try, would anyone know why. Thanks!

It's the ICP file meant for the Comp/Con website.

I installed the demo on my Comp/con and while it is listed as something I have, the page with the list of the downloadable content says I don't have it and I have none of the materials in the book availabe.


It is my belief that this is the best first-party published adventure module for Lancer thus far. It contains a ton of vibrant characters, factions, general opportunities for roleplay, and a highly memorable story with some excellent twists and turns. The combat encounters range from moderate to quite challenging in difficulty, with a phenomenal boss fight at the end. I thoroughly recommend this one.


Jumping Jiminy, everything for Lancer reeks of quality and care <3


Wonderful module, I plan to run it right away.

Quick comment, on page 15, the text for Juan's Relationship Clock Creation is the same as the one for Lyran.

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Absolutely fantastic. Can easily be a followup adventure to "Operation: Solstice Rain" or its own adventure. 

Pairs nicely with the "Legionnaire" supplement by Katherine Stark. https://kastark.itch.io/legionnaire

The NPC templates being part of the COMP/CON download is a surprise, but a welcome one.

Only wish there had been something for Lancer: Battlegroup included with this release, like there was with "Operation: Solstice Rain".


That's mostly because Battlegroup was written by the same person who wrote Solstice Rain, I think.


You're absolutely correct! Kai Tave wrote both "Lancer: Battlegroup" and "Operation: Solstice Rain"


The fact that the NPC templates are part of the free content this time is super cool for GMs such as myself!


Keep the excellent LANCER content coming, my guys!


Wooo, finally some LL2+ content! :)

Looking forward to running this for my players!




babe wake up new lancer narrative dropped