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Do the bonuses a mech receives from mech skills increase when leveling up or are they fixed at the time of the mech's creation?

Do you mean the mech skills associated with the pilot (HASE)? You add +1 to a mech skill every time you gain a license level, per the "Leveling Up" section on p. 18.


I mean the mech improvements derived from the skills (page 34). RAW it seems that you have to fabricated a new frame each time you level up in order for these new bonuses to apply.


That's never come up in my games because leveling is always done during downtime when players have access to fabrication between missions to reconfigure their mechs. I would suggest if you end up with a situation where they don't have access to printers but may find parts and upgrades some other way (which it suggests is rare but can happen on page 43), I'd probably let the players apply apply their bonuses by "reconfiguring" the existing frame just to let those bonuses keep up with other upgrades.


Would it be possible for the Character Sheet PDF to be made interactive? I understand COMP/CON exists, but I would personally prefer to have a offline option..

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Shame that the officially endorsed Discord-community seems to be such a cess pool. Really took interest away from buying the game -_-


Literally the opposite is true! I have found nothing but an open-minded, helpful community of like-minded enthusiasts to theorycraft with. I literally cannot fathom how you could have anything but such an enjoyable experience.


It's a nightmare, it's so enforced that it becomes artificial and overbearing.

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Lancer RPG seems to be a great game. This first book is impressive.

I'm looking for a character sheet for Lancer RPG.

Is it available somewhere?




Search for Comp/Con. It's a program that is a mobile character sheet for your pilot and mech. 


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Yep. It too is listed on Massif's page, same as this product.


There's also a character sheet PDF released an hour ago on both the free and paid versions of the Core Book product pages :)