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The SSC White Witch for Lancer RPG.

This fearsome frame uses the magnetic technology first utilized by its cousin, the Black Witch, and re-purposes it to deadly effect. Covered in a resonant ferrofluid shell, the White Witch becomes hardier with each blow it absorbs, and can pull weapons and armor seemingly out of thin air.

The first mech for the No Room for a Wallflower campaign guide - try it out now!


sscwhitewitch.pdf 693 kB


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Will No Room include rules to play as egregorians and/or egregorian mechs/beasts/whatever it is they use?


Please create a comp/con component for this. Would appreciate it.

There's a preview compcon pack for White Witch (v0.9.5 as of time of writing) on the pilot net discord


along with Dan it would be cool if this was on comp/con since it's become so vital to our group


How can I access this on COMP/CON?