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The SSC White Witch for Lancer RPG.

This fearsome frame uses the magnetic technology first utilized by its cousin, the Black Witch, and re-purposes it to deadly effect. Covered in a resonant ferrofluid shell, the White Witch becomes hardier with each blow it absorbs, and can pull weapons and armor seemingly out of thin air.

This is a testing version of an upcoming mech - try it out now!


sscwhitewitch.pdf 693 kB


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Will No Room include rules to play as egregorians and/or egregorian mechs/beasts/whatever it is they use?


Please create a comp/con component for this. Would appreciate it.


There's a preview compcon pack for White Witch (v0.9.5 as of time of writing) on the pilot net discord


along with Dan it would be cool if this was on comp/con since it's become so vital to our group


How can I access this on COMP/CON?