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The ZHENG is a relatively new frame in the IPS-N line and is unusual in that its creation can be attributed almost completely to a single mech operator - Xiong Xiaoli, a Mirrorsmoke mercenary operating out of the Long Rim, protecting Armory shipments of supplies to the early Dawnline shore colonies. A relative unknown before the incident, her convoy was attacked by the White Tiger pirate conglomerate and her entire company was KIA.

Xiaoli’s Raleigh was almost totally ripped apart in the ensuing chaos, but she managed to activate a distress beacon and attach it to her mech. Over the next forty five days she survived by scavenging the collapsing and melting wreck of the huge transport ship M.S. Say No More, managing to outsmart the fifty or so pirates searching for her by steadily modifying her mech for unarmed, CQB combat. In an tight, close environment where the ship’s decaying reactor core made combustible ranged weapons incredibly dangerous, she showed incredible efficacy and ingenuity. Xiaoli did not survive, persisting hours before the relief fleet arrived, but bought enough time that MSMC was able to position itself to both resupply the colony, fulfilling its contract, and deal a mortal blow to the Tigers, wiping the pirates out completely in the following skirmishes. Her mech was purchased by IPS-N frame development and the Zheng was introduced shortly afterwards based on her improvements.

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