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A retrofit of the IPS-N Lancaster, the Kidd is an anti e-war and combat engineering specialist. Armed with a suite of engineer drones, an orbital weapons platform, and good old fashioned engine grease, the Kidd is the perfect mech to drag your team out of even the most dire situations and vaporize those pesky hackers along the way.

This is a testing version of a mech planned to be included with the No Room for a Wallflower campaign guide - try it out now!


IPSNKidd.pdf 852 kB


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I love everything about this. :D 
Well, except drones, maybe. I'm not big on drones. But I can learn!

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Is the comp/con file avaialable already?

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seems to already be in it naturally, just lacking a picture.

Edit: ah, it's in the wallflower data

where did you get the latest wallflower data, can't remember where I got the older file


There's a link to the beta .lcp files on the Pilot Net Discord in the comp-con channel