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The Smith-Shimano Corpro Emperor for Lancer RPG.

A long ranged support and artillery frame, the Emperor is supercharged with thunderous power that can rip apart broad swathes of enemies or protect allies with a crackling overshield at a critical moment. Armed with the imposing Marathon Arc Bow, this imperious lord of the battlefield is a tactical master and commander sure to lead any team of lancers to crushing victory.

This is a testing version of an upcoming mech  - try it out now!


SSC EMPEROR.pdf 629 kB


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The PDF on this page isn't up to date. A second playtest version's been posted in the discord, available here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/441336855951048725/721025427308675232/SSC...


All of your mechs are cool.

I just wanted to express that.


When can we expect Comp/Con files for the No Room mechs?


There won't be an official Comp/Con LCP on itch until No Room for a Wallflower is actually released. Until then, you can check for an unofficial LCP on the Lancer Discord server (Pilot NET).


Found the files on Discord. TY.