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The deck rumbles beneath your feet, and for the first time you hear the howl of windshear as the shuttle breaches Hercynia’s thick atmosphere.

The world below, seen through the a thick, condensation-streaked porthole: An emerald smear, scarred by ragged patches of black and brown. Patches of grey cloud cover speak to the months-long rainstorms that plague Hercynia.

“Thirty minutes out.” The shuttle pilot’s voice in your ear, shaking from the turbulence. “Leave your helms on for now, cabin’s not pressurized. And we’re going through a helluva lot of chop.”

His radio clips off. The cabin lights flicker from an especially hard knock, and the wind shear dies down, the howling engines settle to a level cruising roar. The hiss of air through your helmet subsumes all other sounds.

Below, emerald Hercynia.

Below -- somewhere below -- the mildewed halls of ancient Egregorian hives lie dormant. Waiting. 



No Room For A Wallflower, Part I and II 10 MB

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