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(Note: This text is pre-release draft material. While the major themes, concepts, locations, and broad narrative/setting strokes will remain largely intact upon publication, expect the revision process to make some changes!) 


“What good is it to mourn the dead without celebration in equal? And in this I do include the great works, torn down by those without the courage to face what must be done.

What do tears mean to them?

I say to you, beloved all, there is no need for grief in isolation. To have died in this great service is to rise as a martyr and carry on the crimson banner of progress. I envy those honored dead, who see now all things, who now possess the wisdom hidden to us -- the living guard -- despite the wonders we command.

Moreover, I envy their repose: to mark the wonders of the present is to make known the wonders left unbuilt, the wonders yet-to-come, and the wonders denied to us.

We living have the great task before us: to turn our helm to the wind, and make known our intent.

The stars may be held by others, but we know that the soul of humanity is held by us. Our dream is that which beats in the breast of all: let us shape the stars, and bring about a day where we have no more need for martyrs.

No howling masses ever overcame the might of hope.

Onward, that crimson banner! Onward, humanity!”

- Excerpt of Foundation Day speech, 4515, John Creighton Harrison I, Director-General of Harrison Armory.


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