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(Note: This text is pre-release draft material. While the major themes, concepts, locations, and broad narrative/setting strokes will remain largely intact upon publication, expect the revision process to make some changes!) 


"I am a well-traveled soul, and I have found the knowledge that I sought among the wreckage of the fallen ark. I do not write this to deny the faith. I only write to educate -- after all, what is a journey but a series of trials? Does not the Book of The Path dictate as much?

Attend to its words: 'We shall all be tested. Faith is a practice, not an assertion. Prove through your works that you are claimant to salvation, and salvation shall be yours.'

In service to The Path I speak. May we all find the promised land.

Now, attend to my words: From the cradle of our kind’s birth ten ships were cast.  These exiles were our ancestors. They were told: find new land, our garden bears no sweet fruit for you.

Each ark held a self-sustaining world at their core, curved plains upon which the exiled could live and create life, these orphans of Earth. But how to ensure that the children of exile would continue along their path? Their children’s children?

To this I ask you: what force is stronger than duty, than sure knowledge?


Do you ken, my children? Do you ken how the Navigator and all his court lie?

We do not make our home on the promised land. We were cast out from it. 

It is time we find for ourselves a new Path forward."

-- Book of the Ascendant Path, OS, 1.1


Field Guide_ Aunic Ascendancy (1.8.5 LORE ONLY).pdf 2 MB

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